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The Hamptons. The place where the rich and famous come to be rich and famous. Where families can afford to have a summer house that was worth more than the money people that were hired to clean those homes would probably make in their life time. As we are invited into the life of Corey Halpern, The East End sheds a little light on just how suffocating working-class life can be. Living a life unnoticed by the rich people in the homes he keeps up, Corey is surrounded by physical, drug, and alcohol abuse and he just wants to get as far away as possible.

Corey is simply fed up with the way his life is going. He and his mother spend their days cleaning the house of the Sheffield family. Corey’s way of getting back to the rich, is by “pranking” the residents of the Hamptons. He does this by breaking into their homes, but he never actually takes anything. He does just enough to let them know that someone unwelcome was inside their homes. But one night, this was just not enough for Corey, he wanted to up his game. So his next course of action was to break into his employers house, Leo Sheffield. This night does not go as Corey plans. In the midst of breaking into the home, Corey is not the only one that is there. Leo Sheffield’s daughter Tiffany and her friend Angelique arrive to the home unexpectedly. What started as a harmless prank, instantly changes as soon as Corey sees Angelique. Instead of leaving, he stays to watch the girls because he cannot pull himself way. But things go drastically south and Corey must now protect not only himself but he must also protect Angelique. For the secret that they share is a secret that not even money can hide, because what’s done in the dark must surely come to light.

Jason Allen did an amazing job of painting the picture of the rich and the working-class. He portrayed real life issues such as domestic abuse and alcoholism in such a relatable way. The story of Gina was all too real because I had a Gina in my life, it was not over dramatized and that is the kind of writing that I think we can all appreciate.

The East End will be available for purchase on May 7th, 2019. So please do yourself a favor and grab a copy, you will not be disappointed. This book is full of twists, and it literally has you in its grasp until the very last page. And when I tell you the ending alone is worth reading…I am NOT lying.

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Disclosure: I received a copy of this book for review from Netgalley. Justine Sha- Publicist and Park Row Books in exchange for a fair and honest review.


Review: Sadie

Author: Courtney Summers

Rating: 5/5 Stars


Our main character Sadie loved nothing more in this world than her little sister Mattie. They shared a mother who even when she was there she was never really present. A mother more impressed with drugs and alcohol, Sadie has to step in and give Mattie what she was missing. One day their mother Claire just ups and leaves, leaving Sadie responsible for Mattie. Mattie who adored Claire so grief stricken by her leaving, holds on to the idea of finding her when she gets a postcard from the City of Angels “be my good girl.” Mattie holds on so tight to the possibility of finding her mom, one day she too leaves. She gets into a strangers truck and her mistake is trusting someone whose intentions were way worse than she could ever imagine.

Mattie is murdered and Sadie loses herself. Her one reason to do anything…to go on is taken away from her. And the only way to right this tragic wrong is to seek out the man she believes is responsible for her sisters death.

“I’m going to kill a man. I’m going to steal the light from his eyes. I want to watch it go out.”

Sadie leaves home and starts the journey to get her revenge. Along the journey we learn more about Sadie as a character, the relationship with her mother or lack thereof, and the men that came tumbling in and out of their lives. As we go on this journey with Sadie we feel her desperation, we feel her sadness and we know that there is not a soul that could stop her from doing what she’s set out to do.

Will she find her sisters killer? Will her resilience bring forth the justice that will hold Sadie?

“𝙱𝚎𝚌𝚊𝚞𝚜𝚎 𝙸 𝚌𝚊𝚗’𝚝 𝚝𝚊𝚔𝚎 𝚊𝚗𝚘𝚝𝚑𝚎𝚛 𝚍𝚎𝚊𝚍 𝚐𝚒𝚛𝚕.”


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Us Against You

Review: Us Against You

By: Fredrik Backman

5/5 Stars


“Because bears shit in the woods, and everyone else shits on Beartown.”

There are no words that can describe how much I loved this book! This sequel was everything I didn’t know I needed. I cried. I screamed. I cursed. And I laughed thorough these pages.

“Two drowning people with lead weights around their ankles may not be each other’s salvation; if they hold hands, they’ll just sink twice as fast. I’m the end the weight of carrying each other’s broken hearts become unbearable”

Beartown was brought to its knees in the first book. And in Us Against You, they experience an even bigger blow. We are taken on a journey on the triggers, actions, consequences and loss of this small town whose heart and soul is hockey.

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Say You’re Sorry

Review: Say You’re Sorry

By: Karen Rose

4.5/5 Stars



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Romantic suspense is not something that I thought I would enjoy. But Karen Rose crafted one of the best story line that I have read in a while. It had everything that I love about suspense novels, but there was that touch of romance that explored the connection between two people on a deeper level. Attraction that went beyond what met the eye.

In this one story, there were three characters that have these backgrounds that makes it so hard to put the book down. Each chapter that you read sucks you in and it is DIFFICULT to put the book down. For people that are character driven, you will definitely have those characters that you love, and those characters that make you so angry. I found myself yelling at my tablet every other chapter because I do not like the bad guy! But who loves the antagonist anyway.

Image result for stressed gif (This book will have you at the edge of your seat with nerves!)

On to a little more background of the novel. Our main character Daisy Dawson has had a life of ups and downs. One night Daisy is attacked in an alley by someone she thought she knew, but soon realized that she had no idea who this masked guy was. Daisy fighting for her life digs deep and finds the strength to fight the attacker off. Frightened in her own right, Daisy leans on those surrounding her for strength.

The attack on Daisy leads her to meeting Special Agent Gideon Reynolds. Gideon is dark, handsome and mysterious with a past he has wanted to forget. But special circumstances brings his past back for him to face. Gideon’s past and the attack on Daisy seem to be connected but no one knows why.

As bodies of women begin to pop up around the city, the race to find the killer is vital.  And one thing that we will know as readers is that Daisy Dawson’s fight isn’t over just yet…

Today is Say You’re Sorry is out TODAY!!! Make sure you go and grab yourself a copy!

Thank you Lauren Hovarth and Berkley Publishing for an opportunity to read an advanced copy of this novel.

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Review: Evo

By: Diane May

3.5/5 Stars



What is it? Who is it? A murderer who leaves no trace of who he is, not touching his victims but by hypnotizing them and bringing them to their untimely deaths.

Livio Marchiori and all involved in these strings of murders are just as confused as you will be when reading this thriller. How do you catch someone/something that you cannot see? Where do you start when you have no clear motive? With a serious threat on essentially the entire world, time is running out. Will Livio find the hypnotist before the clock runs out???

This debut novel had such an interesting plot. There were moments where I literally screamed at the screen. Turning the page having to know what happened. Enjoyed this novel by Diane May…cannot wait to see what she gives us in the future.

Until next time, until the next book.

xX Jimalion

Whispers of The Dead

Review: Whispers of The Dead

By: Spencer Kope

4/5 stars



SOOOO LET ME TELL YOU!!!! Spencer Kope is such a mastermind! This book had the crime, and suspense that I love. The plot of this story was so interesting and different than I’m use to reading. I gave the book 4/5 stars.

Steps is an FBI agent who has such a unique ability and that is to see the color of the aurora that individuals emanate. An ice cooler with human feet show up in a Federal Judges house. No one knows who they belong to, or what the motive could be. All Steps knows is that the killer has an ice blue aurora. They story then goes on and we follow the journey of the different scenes where more feet and no bodies start to pop up. Where is the killer? And what is his story? Once you find out you struggle with being empathic and down right disgusted by what a psychopath he is.

Until next time, until the next book.

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Under Your Skin

Review: Under Your Skin

By: Sabine Durrant

3/5 Stars



Gabby Mortimer had it all. The husband, the job, her life was cushy. All of this changes for Gabby when she is out for a run and comes across a dead body near her home. She is instantly horrified by the sight of the body and the idea that the killer is still out there.

It isn’t just this event that sparks change in Gabby’s life. It is when the police have a lead on the murder that Gabby or those around her did not see coming.

The way this story unfolds is full of twists and turns that you as the reader will not see coming.

When I read the synopsis of Under Your Skin, I was all in. And then I started reading the story and it wasn’t doing it for me. The plot was nice, and the ending had me sitting on the edge of my chair with my mouth wide open. But I found myself wishing that there was more, I felt like I had a lot on my plate but I was missing that one item of food that would set off the entire meal. (if that even makes sense).

I found it hard to connect to Gabby or the story in general so there were points where I checked out of the book. It says that if you like Gone Girl you will enjoy this book, but I personally feel like there was truly no comparison.

Until next time, until the next book

xX Jimalion

The Couple Next Door

Review: The Couple Next Door

By: Shari Lapena

4/5 Stars



Background: This story follows a married couple Anne and Marco Conti. To those looking on the outside in, Anne and Marco seem to have it all. While at a dinner party next door, Anne and Marco’s baby Cora goes missing. Just like in any child abduction, eyes fall on Anne and Marco as being the responsible parties behind Cora’s disappearance. Anne has secrets, Marco has secrets and those secrets begin to unfold as the investigation of their daughters disappearance is underway.

My thoughts: As the story progress we see lies, and unfaithfulness come to surface. You will find yourself wanting to mourn with the Anne, and there are times when you want to hate her. You will have your suspicions of Marco, and then you will find yourself feeling sorry for him. But what you will not expect is the biggest twist of this book.  It literally is mind-blowing. When you finish this book, you will more than likely be so upset that you did not piece two and two together sooner. I love me and a good domestic suspense and this was everything! I will say that I did not enjoy the ending of the story, I felt like it was thrown in there, when the ending could have stopped with who the mastermind was behind the disappearance of Cora. But with that being said, it was such a fantastic read.

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The Girl in The Ice

IMG_0454This book was simply amazing! It was everything I love about a thriller. Robert Brynzda is such a detailed and descriptive writer and I am obsessed with his attention to detail. I can already tell I am going to love this series.

The book follows Detective Erika Foster, who has just returned to duty to solve the murder of a young girl from an affluent family. From the beginning, Erika could tell that there was something more to this murder, but the public view of the family was more important to the Chief.

Erika goes against her bosses wishes and follows leads that shine light on the young girl (Andrea) and her secrets. This leads her down many paths that almost get her killed and dismissed from the force.

I am not going to go any further because I do not want to give away any spoilers. Just know the twist that Robert Brynzda gives us in this book will have you SHOOK!!! So please give it a read and if you do, let me know how you feel/think about it.

I give this book a 4.5/5 stars

Until next time, until the next book

xX Jimalion

The Girl On The Train


Let me just get my thoughts together for a second.

If you have read this book then you know how great of a twist this book is. Starting out I just thought I knew what was happening. My assumption was so wrong and i did not put it together until almost the end. Paula Hawkins gives us a Gone Girl feel throughout this book. There was love, scandal, infidelity, violence and all things good spread out in these pages.

I felt sorry for Rachel as she talks about her marriage ending with Tom and having lost her job and everything that came along with finding out she could not conceive children. At one point I had convinced myself that she was the one who was behind the plot of the story. I was a little angry with her and decisions to always result to alcohol, but somewhere along the line she shows the need/want to be sober. I loved the way that each character was written with a secret, it kept it interesting to say the least.

In the last few chapters, Paula gives us a big plot twist, one that I did not in anyway see coming. I was mouth dropped, eyes wide by the last page.

Such a good read, I totally recommend it. I would give this book a 4/5

Until next time, until the next book…

xX, Jimalion