Gathering Prey


Oh my goodness!!! I do not know how I forgot about this book. After reading John Sandford’s Field of Prey, I found myself desperate to read more of his work. And it never fails. From the very first page I was HOOKED! I have grown quite fond of Lucas Davenport. I could not put this book down. I had to know what was going to happen next.

Lucas Davenport’s daughter who is away for college, meets this pair of travelers who are on the corner playing music for money. His daughter is kind enough to take these two travelers to get food. The story that they tell Lucas’s daughter is the just the start of the page turning plot that John Sandford takes you on. There are twists and turns, and ‘OH NO!’ moments. I will not spoil the book for you, but lets just say that again Lucas Davenport does not disappointment with his ‘by any means necessary’ attitude.

I give this book 5 stars. The Lucas Davenport series have become my new obsession. I will be starting the series from the beginning. I’m just excited thinking about it.

If you do not like crime novels, this series will not be for you. But I do appreciate John Sandford’s ability to detail a crime scene and not make you feel “grossed” out. But if you don’t mind a little graphic detail, I suggest you go and start this series, you will not be let down.


Until next time, until the next book…

xX, Jimalion

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The Field of Prey

This is the first book of John Sandford’s that I have ever read. And it was not a disappointment. The plot alone was deep enough to get lost in. Every chapter left me wanting more. Reading from Davenports perspective and the switch between the killers perspective added such a good touch to the story. Finishing this book literally had me clutching my chest. Like what is life???!!!  John Sandford is such an amazing writer. I’m still not over this book and I finished this about a week ago. Such a good read! I enjoyed this book so much, I started reading the Davenport series. I just finished The Gathering Prey so that will be the next entry.

If you like crime centered books, than I recommend you give John Sandfords work a chance.

Until next time, until the next book…


xX, Jimalion