One Day In December

Review: One Day In December

Author: Josie Silver

Stars: 4/5


“You tread lightly through life, but you leave deep footprints that are hard for other people to fill.”

Guyssss! I do not know when I became the person that just fell apart while reading romance novels. But here we are and I’m just going to ride this wave. I kept seeing this book floating around the gram and then it was the book club choice I’m apart of. And at first I was like nah…I’m not going to get my emotions invested in this because we all know how the story is going to end. But LISTEN! I got invested and I can NOT undo it. If you need to find me, I will be over here in my feelings.

A little back story: Girl meets guy. They go they separate ways. Girl spends over a year looking for said guy. Best friend of girl meets a guy, introduces girl to now boyfriend who turns out to be the guy girl met a year ago. Guy and girl then spend years denying the attraction and it’s a roller-coaster! I loved it so much!

“There comes a point where you have to make the choice to be happy, because being sad for too long is exhausting.”


Until next time, Until the next book.


xX, Jimalion

The Wedding Party

Review: The Wedding Party

Author: Jasmine Guillory

Rating: 4/5 Stars



As someone who never read romance novels until being active on Bookstagram, I am beginning to learn that I love a good cat and mouse love chase. I like you, you like me, but we are going to deny it because that just sounds like the right thing to do, but we can’t ignore it and we fall in love. I think for me until my current relationship, Love was always this thing that left a negative taste in my mouth, so seeing love portrayed in a different light through characters that look like me is refreshing.

I especially loved Theo and Maddie’s relationship in this book. Also I love the fact that the books in this series all seem to be centered around food because if you know me, you know my love for food is at level expert. I feel like my thoughts are all over the place. But I also like how the women portrayed in this series are boss ass babes. They are relevant and have such a strong presence in their fields. Cannot wait to read the next book!


Until next time, until the next book.

xX, Jimalion