Review: Evo

By: Diane May

3.5/5 Stars



What is it? Who is it? A murderer who leaves no trace of who he is, not touching his victims but by hypnotizing them and bringing them to their untimely deaths.

Livio Marchiori and all involved in these strings of murders are just as confused as you will be when reading this thriller. How do you catch someone/something that you cannot see? Where do you start when you have no clear motive? With a serious threat on essentially the entire world, time is running out. Will Livio find the hypnotist before the clock runs out???

This debut novel had such an interesting plot. There were moments where I literally screamed at the screen. Turning the page having to know what happened. Enjoyed this novel by Diane May…cannot wait to see what she gives us in the future.

Until next time, until the next book.

xX Jimalion

The Girl in The Ice

IMG_0454This book was simply amazing! It was everything I love about a thriller. Robert Brynzda is such a detailed and descriptive writer and I am obsessed with his attention to detail. I can already tell I am going to love this series.

The book follows Detective Erika Foster, who has just returned to duty to solve the murder of a young girl from an affluent family. From the beginning, Erika could tell that there was something more to this murder, but the public view of the family was more important to the Chief.

Erika goes against her bosses wishes and follows leads that shine light on the young girl (Andrea) and her secrets. This leads her down many paths that almost get her killed and dismissed from the force.

I am not going to go any further because I do not want to give away any spoilers. Just know the twist that Robert Brynzda gives us in this book will have you SHOOK!!! So please give it a read and if you do, let me know how you feel/think about it.

I give this book a 4.5/5 stars

Until next time, until the next book

xX Jimalion

Before The Fall

I amĀ  back with one of the best reads I have had the pleasure of reading in 2016. Before The Fall by Noah Hawley


“Everyone is from someplace. We all have stories, our lives unfolding along crooked lines, colliding in unexpected ways.”

Do you ever enter a plane or any situation for that matter and think that this could be the day that your life changes? For Scott, that is exactly what happens after he accepts an invitation to fly on a private jet from Martha’s Vineyard.

As all eleven passengers thought, this was just a routine flight back home to New York. What they didn’t know was that there is trouble brewing closer than they could imagine. The plane crashes into the deep blue. Leaving ten passengers including the flight crew dead and only two survivors.


Once you realize that the plane crashes and that there are only two survivors, you are glued to the book craving to know what really happened to the plane. Was this an act of terrorism, did Scott have anything to do with it? Was it mechanical?

As the story unfolds and you start to learn more about the passengers and you finally get the truth you are literally like this:


Sometimes it is not what’s visible to the eye but more so the fact that the truth is sometimes hidden in places we would never expect.

I praise Noah Hawley for this great read.

I give this a solid 4/5. And would definitely recommend you reading it.

Until next time, until the next book.

xX, Jimalion